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Girl Boss Brooklyn Lowrey on Trusting Your Gut and Believing in the Power of You

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

“ The biggest obstacle I've had to face and still am is my internal belief that I am not 'legit' enough to create what I want to build."


Everything is virtual now these days. Which means that you often have to question the legitimacy of nearly everything you do online. But one thing that you need NOT to EVER question is your <own> legitimacy & your own ability to completely dominate your craft, business or whatever it is that your doing to make your mark.

Brooke Lowrey ( IG: @bablinbrooklynn ) , 22, is the Founder & CEO of Brooklynn Street & The G(irl) Spot. Below she shares her greatest accomplishments to date, her biggest BLEM/SH, and how she managed to turn the very thing that tried to block her blessings into a stepping stone for success instead.

Rewind “My greatest accomplishment so far has been successfully launching my online store. This took so much planning behind the scenes and for people to want to support it meant the world to me. It was difficult for me, at 21 years old, to believe that anything I was going to do would be taken seriously in a professional setting, but Brooklynn Street Store proved those fears to be wrong.”

“The biggest obstacle I have had to face and still am is my internal belief that I am not “legit” enough to create what I want to build. I don’t feel like I’ve earned the right to ask investors for money or for older men to take me seriously. I believe so intensely in my vision and my brands, but I often get caught up on ‘Do I have enough experience and legitimacy to create it’. In the end, I know it is only my itty bitty shitty committee convincing me of this but that voice is still there.”

Fast Forward - Get Inspired

“I tell everyone I can this, trust your gut. At the end of the day you know exactly what is best for you and your process. Along with this is not to judge yourself too harshly or get too caught up on the decisions that you make. You really do have to trust that things fall in (and out of) place for their own reason. Things that might not make sense right now, somehow will all become part of your wonderful story and will make sense. Trusting your gut will always lead itself to the best things in the end.” ✨

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