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Forgery Is The Highest Form of Flattery: Meet Melyssa

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

“The biggest BLEM/SH I have faced with my business came when an idea of mine was copied."

Melyssa Scott (@LyssCreationsand @Thunder_Thyghs), 26, is the artist behind Miss Lyss Creations. Her business embodies all things art and she hosts traveling paint parties where you can invite your loved ones to come together and create a custom piece of their very own. She also creates her own custom pieces while taking commissioned orders through her business Instagram page. Melyssa explains her biggest accomplishment so far:

The Now

“I would have to say that my greatest accomplishment to date was when I was offered the opportunity to host 'Sip and Paint' parties at Room183."

"Room183 is a local bar in my neighborhood which gave me an opportunity to continue to grow my business. Every second and fourth Tuesday of the month I am able to teach classes to the community.”

Rewind - The Journey

She also explains the biggest obstacles (or BLEM/SH) she’s had to face as an artist so far:

“The biggest BLEM/SH I have faced with my business came when an idea of mine was copied. I was working in partnership to host a party which turned out to be a success. A while after this party I noticed that there was another party placed but I was not a part of this one. I was hurt."

"I learned that not everyone has your best interest at heart. I also realized that I should not get upset when I #inspire others. There is only one Miss Lyss and no matter how hard someone may try they will never be able to do it like me. The art world is so big. No need sweating the small stuff.”

Fast Forward & Get Inspired

“My advice to all the artists out there is to be secure in yourself and your work. This is something I am always striving to work on. If you are passionate about it people will love it. Don’t doubt your work. We become our own worst critics. SO TAKE BREAKS! Self-care is key. Allow yourself to take the time to unlock the artist within you.”

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