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This Daytime Television Chef Talks Being True To You No Matter What

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

“The biggest obstacle I’ve had to face was finding contentment in my identity.”


Chicago Native, Camerron Dangerfield, 26, ( @cookingwithCAM ) is a Culinary Influencer, TV Personality, owner of an exclusive Private Chef Company, and the face of day time cooking Television. Below he shares his greatest accomplishments to date, his biggest BLEM/SH, and how he managed to turn the very thing that tried to block his blessings into a stepping stone for success instead.

Rewind “My greatest accomplish thus far would have to be appearing on live TV multiple times. It has always been a dream of mine, and that quickly resorted to my reality.”

“The biggest obstacle I’ve had to face was finding contentment in my identity. It has been a struggle as a black gay male in a society that works to tell you that you’re not worthy because of who you identify as sexually. From as far back as I can remember I’ve always thought of myself highly and succeeded in almost everything I’ve tried. However, I was never able to reach my full potential, because I was afraid of what people would think or say, and it has limited me in ways that know one has ever known.”

“I’ve secretly suffered with heavy depression, confusion, and guilt that has led to attempts of suicide. I’ve been gay as far as I can remember, and the moment my grandmother passed away I knew that I could no longer take my life for granted. In those dark grieving moments I decided that I would no longer hide my true self, but begin to let my true and honest light shine.”

“I prayed and asked God to transform me, and give me a second chance to live the life he destined for me. His peace gave me life, and It was the only thing that was steady in a time of troubled waters. In that moment, I found me. I found happiness, and life has been golden ever since. Now it’s my duty to share so that I can be a beacon of light to all the queer boys and girls who have a dream but are to afraid to live it.”

“You have all the power you need to succeed. I always tell people to not allow others to break your foucs. Find what’s special to YOU. Channel it, perfect it, then execute.”

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