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Developing Pain into Purpose: Meet Spencer Tribble, COO of Green Block Development

“Growing up without a dad and having a mother that was mentally ill has been one of my biggest challenges throughout my life journey."

“My name is Spencer Tribble, I'm 28, and I'm from the south-side of Chicago ( IG: @spencetribb @gblockdevelopment ). I am a business partner & COO of Green Block Development. Green Block Development specializes in providing affordable housing made from recycled shipping containers for low income and homeless families."

“We originally decided to utilize this method of construction for areas that are prone to natural disasters such as the Caribbean and Puerto Rico because this structure is extremely durable and designed to last a lifetime. In addition, the shipping container build is 40% more cost effective than your conventional build which is why it’s a great option for families that face challenges to home ownership.”

“As a company we have been able to get our company farm up and running over in Jamaica (Montego Bay). Along with providing an answer to affordable housing, we are also tackling the challenges of 'food deserts' that exist within our communities. We want to show people how to grow their own food and ultimately improve their quality of life. As a startup, we are extremely grateful for the support that we have received at this point. We have been able to established our brand in many parts of the world and create some future opportunities in areas such as: The Caribbean, South America, Africa, and here within the states.”

"We have also been able to established partnerships with other black owned companies that have a similar mission of helping those in need and promoting group economics. The more numbers we have, the greater the impact we will make on our communities throughout the world.”

“Growing up without a dad and having a mother that was mentally ill has been one of my biggest challenges throughout my life journey. We all have that burning desire of wanting to have those loving memories of your parents that you cherish for a lifetime. As a kid it made me feel as if I was less than, I felt broken, but most importantly I felt unloved. I was blessed to have my big sister, Tasha (who was a kid herself), but who stepped up to the plate to nurture and protect me. Also, I had that praying grandmother that raised me and a variety of strong black men (like my uncle Freeman) that inspired me with his actions, by providing discipline, and by showing me 'right' from 'wrong'-- and most importantly by loving me like I was his own.”

“Although, I struggle with accepting the absence of my parents, it was my college experience when I began to turn my pain into purpose. It was college where I began to fall in love with the idea of living the rest of my life to help those in need and to better my community. Once I began to live a selfless life that was focused on using my blessings to bless others, everything around me started to change for the better. When I started to love myself, become educated about the state of the black community, understand the seriousness of mental illness, it was then that I was able to forgive and regain that love for my mother. I was able to change my mindset and see the good in people and love people for who they are. Fast forward to 2018, through Green Block Development, my purpose for helping others is still in full effect!!!”

“As a company we pride ourselves on providing an alternative option for home homeownership for low income communities while partnering with other black groups, organizations and companies to revitalize our communities on a global level. In order to succeed in that we have to continue educating and helping our people understand the value of group economics and to take action in coming together to create generational wealth and stronger communities. Don’t let your fear be bigger than your Faith”

“In the journey of entrepreneurship you will have many people that don’t see your vision, you may face challenges with getting capital to advance your business, or even feel discouraged from the lack of support. Whatever the situation may be, remember faith is the darling of the soul to go farther than it can see. King and Queens keep pushing!”

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