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Major Success, Little Support: Mo G talks Pursuing Your Passion Seriously

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

“My family discouraged my passion for art and hair.”


Artist, Creative Director, Entrepeneaur, and Hair Artist, MoG, (@GototheMo) has taken Chicago's art scene to a whole new level. Using her hands as her paintbrush & your natural crown as her easel, she has the unique capability to transform your tresses from moderate to masterpiece.

Rewind “My greatest accomplishments are believing in myself and pursuing my passion, and pursuing my passion seriously.”

“My biggest obstacle was obtaining my degree. Due to the major I pursued, my family did not support my academic or professional endeavors."

"My family discouraged my passion for art and hair. I had to obtain my bachelors and hair license with little to no support from my family.”

Fast Forward

“I would advise someone who is pursuing their passions to believe in themselves and to understand that your gift is unique to you. I would also emphasize the importance of building relationships with people in your field. I would also recommend learning as much as possible from those pursuing a similar profession.”

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