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Hair Care + Godfidence: This LA Hair Artist is Dropping Gems

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

"Following your dreams isn’t all rainbows and butterflies like most may imagine. It takes serious courage, a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. Oh yeah and In most cases, it also means leaving all that you’ve ever known in your rear view mirror."


Breauna, 25, ( @thebreaunanikole ) is a texas native who is currently living in LA. She’s pursuing her dream as a hair and makeup artist. Below, she shares her greatest accomplishment to date, her biggest BLEM/SH, and how she to turned the very thing that was supposed to cripple her, into a stepping stone instead:

My greatest accomplishment to date was moving away on my own to a new state away from #family and friends to go after my dreams and desires."


“Something that I am overcoming and that most people do not know is that I can be very insecure about myself. Fear & self doubt . I’m learning to become more confident. Instagram can really beat you down if you let it by comparing yourself to other 'lives' but I have learned and am learning to look at it in a positive light. As a work tool. Like your BLEM/SH page for example. Using it to uplift and express the ‘not so glamorous’.”

“Instead of comparing yourself and saying, ‘I wish I looked that way, or I wish I had that job.’ Change the mindset to motivate and inspire . You see that gym body? Then get up and work out to get that natural butt! You want that vacay on the beach then in the words of Brittany 'you better work bitch'. I’m learning to express my personality more & not be shy because their is only one me & that’s all I can be. Learning to speak up for myself and the things that I want. Making sure YOU are happy is really all that matters and I’m growing to love me some me *three snaps in a circle.”

Fast Forward - Get Inspired “I have grown to overcome this “fear” with faith and knowing that God has pushed me this far for a purpose! “My advice is to never give up no matter how hard times may seem. Your struggles make you stronger . Wings work in the sky not the nest so take flight and get out of your comfort zone. You will never regret taking that shot. Keep your head high and surround yourself with peers who are as determined and dedicated as you are.” ✨

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