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How Maricris Lapaix Turned a 'Leap of Faith' into a Fitness Phenomenon

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

"I literally had nothing lined up in Los Angeles – no place, no clients, no job. But after a million tears, pep talks, a few break downs, & breaking out into hives, I made the leap.”

"My name is Maricris Lapaix, I'm 29 and I am the Founder and Personal Trainer of Type 2 Be Fit. I am also a master trainer for Technogym – a wellness company from Italy that has been changing the game in the fitness industry with their equipment based technological advancements! I Grew up in San Gabriel, CA and am currently living in Los Angeles, CA. My social media handle is @maricrislapaix.

“My proudest accomplishment is helping my type 2 diabetic client go from an A1C level of 10 to 6+ within a year of progressive training in the gym and with her nutrition. She inspired my desire to create an my online program, Type 2 Be Fit, to help transform the lives of more people with journeys similar to hers!” “Through my online training program, Type 2 Be Fit, I’ve continued to help individuals across the country to reach their health and fitness goals. It has been a goal of mine to expand my outreach - and I’m finally doing it! Working on a shoot with the National Academy of Sports Medicine to help promote their programs is one of my proudest moments! I’m now even working with them as an influencer. All my success as a personal trainer started with my decision to earn my certification through them, so it means so much to even be recognized by them!

“I grew up in the small city of San Gabriel, CA and for 10 years, Huntington Beach and Long Beach, CA were my new homes. This past year, Los Angeles has been my new home that I’ve completely fallen in love with! However, my decision to move to Los Angeles happened within in a 3-week period. After an unexpected break-up I decided to take the leap of faith and move to Los Angeles. I’ve always wanted to be in the heart of Hollywood. I’ve had such great experiences as a fitness model over the years, and I wanted to take my fitness game to the next level.”

“Originally it was my plan to come to LA in about 3 years, but moved it up to 3-weeks! Haha. The decision to move here was such a scary one because I was not ready for it mentally or financially. However, with enough stress over the break-up I had to look for any positives from the situation. I knew this was my chance to finally move to a city I’ve been wanting to live in for years. I needed to do something for ME. However my excess stress came from the fact that I had just gotten on my feet financially with my own independent business as a trainer in Long Beach, CA. I literally had nothing lined up in Los Angeles – no place, no clients, no job. But after a million tears, pep talks, a few break downs, & breaking out into hives, I made the leap.”

“It hasn’t been easy financially finding my footing, but I am so completely full and blessed with the opportunities and people I’ve met in LA. I know my finances will continue to improve as I grow, but my soul is so much happier in LA. I’ve really come to understand who I am, and who I enjoy having in my tribe. I AM HOME. In November of last year, I was packing up a life I had known for 5 years, and through a lot of personal development, fitness opportunities, support from friends and family, it blows my mind that this November, I will be a part of two large fitness events with my friend and business partner, Blaine Strong – Luminhero and Fit Fest - as a trainer and sharing my passion with 100s of people!” “The next step for me is to continue to grow my online presence! I love having the ability to connect with anyone no matter where they are! While Instagram is my main form of sharing my fitness content, I’m now working and preparing content and more workouts for YouTube. I want to be able to share more of my personality with others. I want them to know that I’m there to be their coach and cheerleader. I love to challenge people physically and see them grow, but I also want to be a positive influence for them with their perspectives and mindset.”

“I’m not perfect, and I’m guilty of it myself from time to time, but sometimes we are too hard on ourselves. I want to be able to remind people that all their progress, small or big is something meant to be celebrated! There is never one action or circumstance that defines failure for us. Life throws curve balls all the time, and I want to remind others that it is how we choose to deal with the situation that determines its severity – if any.” “Just go. You have to stop waiting for someone to give you the opportunity to live out your dreams. If you have an idea, bring it to life! I was hesitant for a long time of producing my own fitness content. Use the resources and support group you have around you to help make your dreams a reality. There will always be room to grow and learn how to get better at what you do. Taking ownership for your dreams gives you a sense of pride when you see it through, and it also makes others aware of what you’re doing. You’d be surprised by the opportunities that can arise from you just sharing your passion. Your life can change dramatically in weeks, months, and even a year from now. Focus on what you have control of now and go from there! Enjoy the lessons!”

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