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How Ryan Lee Used Humility To Become a Morning Show Producer for iHeartRadio

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

"It was a full year that God sat me down and humbled me. I became depressed, didn't want to wake up some days, my faith was shot & my trust in God was lacking.”

“My name is Ryan Lee, 25, Born in Charlotte, North Carolina but lived in the South Suburbs of Chicago majority of my life since I was three. In Chicago, I currently am the Producer for an iHeartRadio Morning Show."

"So far, my most valued accomplishments would be starting my career with iHeartRadio and then becoming one of their Morning Show Producers! Through this position, I've been able to produce interviews with top culture influences such as, #EllaMai, #VicMensa, #Xscape & recently our interview that went viral...#KanyeWest.”

“Man. The biggest #blemish I had to face in my life was when God sat me down for a whole year. I started my radio career my Junior year at Purdue University working for a Top 40's pop station. With starting young and building up my resume/experience, I just knew I would graduate college and have a job lined up. I specifically thought I was going to get an on-air position right away, which is unheard of but I was young & naive.”

“Instead of praying that God's will be done, I was almost telling him what was going to I thought LOL. Graduation came and I still had nothing lined up and had to move back home. God sat me down and humbled me for a full year. I became depressed, didn't want to wake up some days, my faith was shot & my trust in God was lacking.”

“It wasn't until I finally humbled myself and asked him to just have his way over my career that then and only then I got the call from iHeartRadio about a position available. Looking back at it, I knew he put me in that situation to simply show me that His plan always comes before ours & when we realize that, we then will start to live in our purpose. Although I learned my lesson, I still have my days where my faith is weak or I think God has forgotten about me BUT I think back to that year of struggle I went through and how he brought me out of it on top.”

“Next for me, well I'm working on expanding my brand "Ryanmedialee" through my new podcast on the iHeartRadio app! My Podcast is titled Ryan's Rundown and is an interview based podcast where I chat it up with artists, comedians, television/radio personalities, and more as well as a quick rundown of what they are up to and their thoughts on the latest hot topics.”

“For anyone wanting to live their dream of being in radio, I would simply say get your foot in the door and then from there take off! Starting as an Intern, Board Operator or Promotions Assistant are a few ways you can start off with an entry level position in radio. Once you get in the building, KILL IT. Be #available, #flexible & #willing to work crazy hours and you will see yourself getting called on to do more dope opportunities within the industry!”

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