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Jack of All Trades: How Keith Roseberry Turned $50 into over 5 Figures Using Forex Trading

“My name is Keith Roseberry

( @champceo on IG). I am from East Atlanta, Georgia, I am 23 years old, and I Trade Forex, the largest Financial Market on the planet. I am the owner of multiple businesses: TradersRowFx (Forex Training/Coaching), Invaincu Management Group (Enterntainment Marketing/Management), and Roseberry Real Estate 112 (Real Estate Investment Group)” “My biggest inspiration was the potential I recognized during failure. I never accepted my circumstances. I knew that I was bigger than my circumstances. I started actively trading Forex in November 2017. Since then I have achieved some amazing results. I was able to build my $50 live forex account into 5 figures + within my first 3 months of trading (past results do not guarantee future gains). Since April 2018, I consistently profit over 5 figures at my will (past results do not guarantee future gains).”

“Humility comes before honor. Summer ‘17 was the worst summer of my life. I was on the verge of being homeless as eviction was looming. For five weeks straight during that summer, I did not know where my next dollar would come from. At that time, I had quit the last job I would ever have, working at a local fitness center. I was introduced to Forex in the spring of 2017 by another online entrepreneur. I thought that Forex was interesting. His success & potential results amazed me.”

“He referred me to an educational program that I could afford at that time. However, I was hesitant to involve myself with the program because I valued other things that didn’t involve increase. I passed over that opportunity repeatedly until I quit my job. I used my last check to pay my rent for the month and invested into the program. I had no other choice but to learn.”

“By the grace of God, I was able to make enough money from trading to pay my rent for the next month. I was able to pay my rent 26 days past due. I remember only being able to afford to eat once a day while I was mastering this skill set. My circumstances added fuel to my vehicle on the road to success. It was worth the struggle.” “The goal now is to educate and to help as many people as possible to achieve similar results. I now have a Forex training program that will help aspiring day traders achieve success. We trade forex to make money, we travel because it’s fun, and we transform because it’s the right thing to do.” “The three things I recommend to all my aspiring Forex entrepreneurs that want to become successful is to get Forex educated, be committed to mastering the art of Forex, and enjoy the fruits of your best efforts.”

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