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Late + Right On Time: Meet Alyssa Ackerman

“I was afraid because I was considered "old" in the industry. But I got rid of that fear and pushed through.“

Sometimes God blesses us with that one thing we‘re really great at & sometimes He deals you a royal flush. Alyssa Ackerman shares her insights on how she came into her many gifts while taking the road less traveled.

“Alyssa Ackerman, or @alyssaheartbreak on the gram. I am a 23 year old Pisces currently swimming in New York City: Queens to be exact. I was born and raised in Chicago, IL, one of the best cities along with NYC.”

“I do a lot of things! The reason being is I am a multifaceted, passionate, ever-growing individual. Right now I am a model, freelance writer, and brand manager + copywriter for Nolaskinsentials (@nolaskinsentials).”

“My most valued accomplishment as a model is booking the jobs I am most interested in on my own. I'm signed to a talent agency in Chicago, which is great, however, being that I'm not the industry's conventional "standard of beauty," I have to bust my ass ten times harder to get jobs. But it feels so amazing when I do.“

“I grew up with my single mother and two older brothers. My father was never around, nor have I ever met him. I wouldn't say we were poor, because we had a roof over our head, however, there were times I'd go to sleep hungry, go to school with holes in my pants, and not go on field trips because I couldn't pay the fee. My mom is heaven sent and she did her best. I appreciate her for everything she has ever given me.”

“At 16, I had my first job as an intern at a non-profit. From then on, I always had a job and I didn't go to college. I loved the feeling of having money, buying the things I could never have, or finally owning a pair of Jordans that all the kids had growing up except for me.” 

“When I was 20, I was lucky enough to land a job as a Designated Manager and Regional Trainer at European Wax Center. I was making more money than my mom, brothers, and grandparents combined. I was extremely blessed and grateful for the opportunity. But being so young with an extremely demanding job, I found myself stressed and lost. ‘Is this what you want to do for the rest of your life?’ I'd ask myself this all the time.“

“Eventually, after saving enough money to get by for a year, I quit my job. I realized that my creative soul yearned for something different. Something where I could be expressive and influential. I began freelancing which helped me figure out where I wanted to be in life. At 22, I went back to modeling (I started modeling at 19 then stopped, however, that's a story for a later time).”

“I was afraid because I was considered "old" in the industry. But I got rid of that fear and pushed through. Here I am at 23 working with some of my favorite brands, meeting exciting people, and being interviewed for media publications such as BLEM/SH.”

“I don't know what's next for me. I believe everything happens when it is supposed to happen by God and the Universe. I don't force anything. All I do is work hard at my craft and believe in myself. I love waking up each morning because it really is a new day for opportunities or blessings to come knocking on your door. However, one thing I do hope for in my near future is to finish writing my short novel. I think it's gonna be great.”

“My advice for you if you're in the modeling industry: Believe in yourself. Never take no for an answer. Put value on your skills and time. Know what you're bringing to the table. Perfection doesn't exist. And remember: Winners never quit and quitters never win.”

“My advice for you if you're in the writing industry: Find out what type of writing you actually enjoy completing. Explore jobs. Try a new opportunity presented to you. Be creative. Don't be afraid to be yourself. Authenticity is valued.”

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