This CEO Girl Boss Shares the Keys of Mixing Business w/ Pleasure...AND Pain

Updated: Jan 9, 2019

"My biggest BLEM/SH would be staying internally motivated especially while dealing with a chronic disease."


If starting a business isn’t enough stress on its own, then try doing it with a family member or spouse......oh and then go ahead & add a chronic disease to the equation while you’re at it. 💪

Linda Sulaiman, 27 (@ifeamhim ,@honeyhairco ) is the Founder and CEO of Honey Hair Co. an

e-commerce premium indian hair extension company. She successfully founded, launched, and grew her business with her co-founder; who was her boyfriend at the time & now they are celebrating their 1st year of marriage next week.

“My greatest accomplishment since launching Honey Hair Co. has been successfully mixing business with pleasure. I began my Honey Hair Co. journey October of 2016 with my boyfriend at the time, then fiancée, and now husband."


"The first year of marriage alone is detrimental and as co-founders in an intimate relationship, success is unheard of. I am so thankful that we made it through. I would not recommend it, it is not for the weak! My biggest BLEM/SH would be staying internally motivated especially while dealing with a chronic disease.

I've been battling endometriosis for ten years which has resulted in 7 surgeries and a colostomy bag. Inflammation flare-ups are inevitable so its much easier to lay in bed vs. pushing through my discomfort and driving my business forward"

Fast Forward - Get Inspired

"As humans we can only trust and believe in ourselves so much before doubt, discouragement and distractions derails us. Thats why we have to put our trust in God and make him the center of everything we do. We have to pray over all of our personal & professional desires; seek to be in alignment with His will. With him you will not fail, with him all things are possible. Romans 8:8”



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