Giavonna Heath & Milwaukee Brewer's 'On Tap' Host on 'Talking the Talk'

Updated: Jan 13, 2019

“ I can't even count the times where I’ve been down, but my close friends & family have motivated me to keep going."


It’s one thing to get to do what you love, but it becomes a whole 'nother thing when you get to make history while doing so.

Giavonna Heath, ( IG @Giavonna_Heath) 26, works for the Milwaukee Brewers as their Brewers on Tap TV Host. Below she shares her greatest accomplishments to date, her biggest BLEM/SH, and how she managed to turn the very thing that tried to block her blessings into a stepping stone for success instead.

“My most significant accomplishment would be getting a job in my field, a few months out of college. I thought I would have to start in a smaller market, like Missoula, Montana lol, because it’s rare to begin in a Top 100 Market like KSDK and only being 21. That said, my next 'self-noted' accomplishment would have to be the first black on-air baseball reporter.” "The fact that I can say that is awesome. Like me--a girl who was the social butterfly in school and got in trouble for talking too much. Except, I can't take credit for that because where I am now is nothing but God--and my mom and dad, who helped mold my career.


“I’ve been very fortunate to live no further than 5 hours from my family, but you also miss many family events because of rigorous scheduling. Even with all that said, if I’m honest with you, I wouldn’t pick anything other than being a reporter/host, because the people your around seem to become your family.”

”My best advice to those trying to follow dreams in my industry or general would be to keep a circle around you that motivates you when your down, but who also keeps it real with you, and lets you know when you’re tripping or lacking in somewhere along the way. I can't even count the times where I’ve been down, but my close friends & family have motivated me to keep going. As much as I can see the finish line when things are good, sometimes I need help wiping the windshield off when it’s raining, so I can see things clearer again. ”



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