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The Mama of Truth: Meet Bri Harry, Creator of 'Away With Words' The Podcast

Riddle time. What does Bae share in common with Briana Harry & her co-hosts? You guessed it...‘Away With Words’. Briana Harry is the Creator and CEO of YeMash Publishing LLC and Away With Words The Podcast. Away With Words The Podcast is unapologetic, uncensored and all about owning your truth with no shame. Covering a wide range of thought provoking yet fun topics such as ‘Red Flags’, ‘Online Dating’, and ‘Monogamy and Men’, Away With Words The Podcast has not only been a breath of fresh air, but it also serves as a new age voice of reason, and not to mention the ENTIRE pot of tea...hold the sugar.

“My name is Briana Harry aka 'Bri Stories' and I’m 26. My IG is @Bri.Stories. I am the Creator and CEO of YeMash Publishing LLC which brings you Away With Words The Podcast. YeMash translates to “The Mother of Truth” and that’s what it’s all about. At all times, I strive to give birth to my truth as it is in that very moment. I am an encourager of personal truths even as they may misalign with Universal Truth. Away With Words The Podcast is hosted by myself and my co-hosts, Aja (@AjaNoAsia) and Tatiana (@AyeTati). Our producer is @MJMKid. We’ve been recording for 2 years now and each week we come prepared to talk about it all while staying true to our individual stances and always providing a laugh. We record in the south suburbs of Chicago, Illinois.”

“While recording Away With Words The Podcast, we’ve had the pleasure of featuring guests including, G Herbo, @TheRealKyleSister, Malik Kitchen of Hamilton, background dancer, Candace Savage, nearly the entire cast of Black Ink Crew Chicago, and many other amazing talents. I also feel quite accomplished in our consistency and constant elevation from the past 2 years.”

“I’m constantly healing through depression and anxiety and in the field I’ve dedicated myself to, that’s been quite a doozy. Along with coordinating and hosting the podcast, I also sing in a band, and am finishing a book of poetry, all while holding down my 9 to 5 as an HR Generalist for the past 7 years. The depression is challenging because it can be paralyzing and there are days when I can’t even imagine getting out of my bed. After sleeping for as many hours as I can, I beat myself up about not doing enough, and that just creates a cycle that’s really hard to break. When the depression isn’t keeping me isolated, I then have to tend to my anxiety. People make me anxious.”

“The state of the world makes me anxious. I make me anxious. I find myself making comparisons between other creatives and myself, sometimes I just burst into tears, and I have days when I’m very easily triggered. This, of course, feeds the depression and the cycle goes on and on. It’s work everyday, but I do a much better job nowadays at listening to myself and catering to whoever I am that day. I meditate every morning. I talk to God constantly and I try really hard to treat myself with Love and care. I go to therapy every week now, and that’s made a world of a difference. I’ve stopped saying that I’m “suffering” and acknowledge that I’m responsible for my ongoing state of healing. I stay closer to Love at all times, and even when it’s shitty, it really helps.”

“CONSISTENCY! One out of the many things that the podcast has provided for me is the opportunity to be proud of never stopping. Two years ago, I didn’t know what this would be, and if I could go back, I would tell myself then that I’m already proud of who I’m becoming. I would tell me that everything is going to fall into place when Love and enjoyment is flowing freely into everything I do. That’s it!”

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