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‘The People's DJ’: DJ Royal Talks Taking Action To Do What You Love

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

"There used to be times when I got mad when I didn’t get booked for shows consistently. I learned that I had to go out there and do things to get booked, start dj'ing shows and proving my work."

“My name is Gregory also known as “DjRoyal”. I am currently 27 years old, I am from the south-side of Chicago, and my Instagram is @DjRoyal_NoBiten. Currently my profession is working in the music industry as the Tour Dj for QueenKey! I also DJ for CdotHoncho at all of his small shows and big concerts. Outside of that, I Dj small clubs in Chicago in the Wicker Park neighborhood, college events for Columbia College Chicago and DePaul University, and most of the big events and concerts in Chicago in general. I also provide my “juke” and “house” remixes on one of our biggest radio stations in Chicago (Power92.3 Radio).

“So far since the beginning of 2016, after I graduated from Columbia College Chicago, I started dj’ng at a lot of concerts, festivals, and indoor events. By the beginning of 2017, I started opening up at most of the Lyrical Lemonade shows curated by Cole Bennett, and Speaker Box(SPKRBX) Curated by Berto. I was always the person just on stage chillin' with most of the openings acts, and one day a thought came to me: “Why not open up the shows instead of just chilling on stage”. So by the end of 2017 to early 2018 I took full advantage of most of the shows that were consistent. From that time, I’ve opened up and dj’d at the Gherbo show, Kodak Black, Famous Dex, CdotHoncho, Valee, Queen Key; the Lyrical Lemonade and Speaker Box shows were for Xavier Wulf, Lucki, Lil Skies, and Trippie Redd.”

“During all of these sets that I’ve opened up and dj’d at, I started to learn my control of the crowd whenever I played the hottest stuff that’s out. It’s a must that you play what’s hot and keep the consistent mix going. I give the people what they pay for. I want the people to have fun and enjoy the music and the feeling of being surrounded with people who love doing the same thing.”

“After March, I started going on tour with CdotHoncho and keeping things consistent with him with nothing but sold out shows this whole year. We also performed at the WGCI SummerJam at the United Center in Chicago in front of over 20,000 people--the same center that the Chicago Bulls and Chicago Blackhawks play. I can say that right after that show I started performing other shows in Chicago; Kidzapalooza is the kids part of Lollapalooza and I got the chance to Dj for the QBrothers--they perform at kid parties all over the country.”

“I’ve connected with creative directors from Paper Magazine, to DeathToTennis, and the CEO of Vfiles. I started DJing for Queen Key a while back during late 2016 to early 2017--her energy is everything!! We connected back at the time since she didn’t have a dj. Now with her consistent role, she’s done shows with her previous dj, Evie the Cool. Keeping up with sold out shows as well. Queen Key has also performed at this year’s WGCI SummerJam, and the Lyrical Lemonade Summerbash in Chicago as well. Now that we have reconnected with the same energy from 2 years ago, we are now going on tour with Gherbo and Southside this October and November. And my next upcoming show before the tour will be with CdotHoncho & A Boogie with the Hoodie in Joliet IL September 29th.”

“This year has really been consistent with me dj'ing concerts and festivals and it’s been the best thing that’s ever happened to me in my life. I’ve dreamed of doing this and now it’s happening!! I just made it happen. That’s all. That’s what inspired me. I've seen so many of my friends just doing it and taking action doing what they love. Now I’m taking full advantage in what I love to do and that is to be the people’s Dj.”

“I can say that the trails that inspired me to become better as a man overall was that I was into a lot of trouble when I was 22-24 years old. I just stopped getting into trouble and started doing good things. Things that can help me and to help others. I even started to change the way that I dressed and the way that I handled things when I went outside. I love dressing casual or just ‘to part’. Looking clean everyday is my thing. You never know when an opportunity will come and at least looking nice is the first option. There used to be times when I got mad when I didn’t get booked for shows consistently. I learned that I had to go out there and do things to get booked, start dj'ing shows and proving my work."

"So I started to do that and ever since then, all the prayers I’ve prayed for, the blessings, just kept coming and coming! As much time that we have on this earth, I try my best to talk to our Father God as much as I can--prayer works! And just keeping the good faith of staying positive whenever things hit the fan. As of now my troubles are starting to turn into blessings. I’m starting to see the good in everything and the sacrifices that I make turns things around.”

“The next big thing for me is to tour with Queen Key, Gherbo and Southside! We are touring in 29 cities over the country, and this is very exciting for me and the team! I’ve always wanted to tour, dj, turn up crowds, and just have fun with what I do in front of thousands! Now this is the time and I also want to start getting into creating merchandise for myself and my brand whenever I dj too. I brand myself as "BIG ZOOVIE" —and “ZOOVIE” is like another word for being ‘lit’ or ‘it’s lit’.

“Lastly, a word of advice to anyone: I can say that whatever you are doing in life that you love and want to take to the next level, just do it! Believe in God, and believe in yourself and what you can do. It’s time! Your time is now and you can do anything! Do what you love and take full advantage of that.”

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