How this Actor and Model Went from Homeless to Heroic

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

“There were countless times I doubted my talent and abilities . I would question myself: “Who do you think you are applying to an Acting program? You have no experience!”

Actor & Freelance Model, Schanora Wimpie ( @promote_your_tail ), 25, is not only into the arts herself, but she also uses her gifts to empower others to do the same.

“My IG name is an extension of my future project, Promote Your Art, which is a non profit geared toward the arts to empower, educate, and uplift underprivileged children.”

“As a model my biggest accomplishment started with Lusters Pink & Smooth (the leading African-American owned manufacturer of premium personal #hairproducts). I was chosen out of 500+ candidates to represent, model, and showcase their products. This was a huge turning point in my modeling career.“

“However, as an actor, my glory moment happened before I graduated with my degree in Acting. My senior year of college, I was offered the role of 'Juliet' in 'Romeo and Juliet'. I got an amazing opportunity to work with professional director and fighting coach, Richard Raether (who has worked in this industry for over 20 years staging fights for ABC & CBS). Working alongside this great man taught me the business of theater.”


“As a daughter of a dysfunctional family unit and former homeless person, I’ve faced many challenges with my self confidence and self worth. There were countless times I doubted my talent and abilities . I would question myself: “Who do you think you are applying to an Acting program? You have no experience! And you know nothing about the modeling besides the show ‘America’s Next Top Model’ (#ANTM)."

“And to be quite honest, I didn’t always have the mental strength to pick myself back up after those harsh, mean and, most importantly, untrue thoughts. Luckily, I had family, friends, and mentors that spoke positivity and life over me. People who saw my potential before I did. That’s why it’s important to have a great circle. Your power circle.”


Fast-Forward - Get Inspired

“Overtime I’ve learned to speak life into myself, my future, and my dreams! Here’s a list of things that help me empower myself daily: Meditation, positive affirmation, Daily Journaling, and visualizing positive outcomes.”

“A word of advice for anyone trying to follow in my footsteps?

1. "Follow your heart, the first time! An opposition is so much better than a 'should’ve' , 'would’ve', 'could’ve'. "

2. "Secondly, don’t let fear stifle your growth. We ALL experience fear so don’t let this entertainment industry fool ya! That’s right, even Beyoncé y’all lol!!!! No, but seriously. The secret that no one tells you is that successful people are not exempt from fear and are far from perfect. They simply make the conscious choice to do it anyway despite the fear."

"So like a successful motivational speaker by the name of Les Brown likes to say 'Fear is nothing but false evidence appearing real” go out there and make shit!'” ✨💪🏾🌻



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