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TV Host and Producer, Jay Styles, Talks the Entertainment Industry and 'Becoming Inspired'

“That was the whole reason behind my independent production company. It was to create content that will resonate with people all over the world because I know what it’s like to feel like things are not going well for you personally or professionally— or having to be 10 times better just to get a shot or rejected over and over again.”

Inspiration can come from anywhere these days. Most of the time it’s random...coincidental. Hitting you when you least expect it. Maybe it finds you in the shower, or when you’re scrolling down your timeline, and other times, it tracks you down while you’re driving to work. The best kind though, is when you experience it from someone who’s already ‘been there done that’. Especially when that person has literally defeated all odds to get there. Wouldn’t it be great if we had access to something like that ALL the time? Well TV Host and Producer, Jay Styles, has created just that. Below he explains more about his overall journey, including his five part mini docu-series, Become Inspired.

“My name is Jay Styles (@JayStylesTV), I’m from Atlanta, GA., I'm a TV Host/Producer and I create inspiring shows for television. The name of my company is Jay Styles Productions and I just created my first five-part mini docu-series, Become Inspired (@YouBecomeInspired). I've also co-hosted an entertainment program on the CW and periodically freelance for EURweb as an entertainment host."

“My business, Jay Styles Productions, is currently located in Los Angeles and I'm always on the hunt for developing content that inspires and uplifts people. When I get an idea, I write it down and I probably will let it sit there until all the pieces of the idea are formed— to create a concept that I'm ready to piece together.”

“While hosting, I've had the pleasure of interviewing Denzel Washington who is such an inspiration to me, Forest Whitaker, Samuel Jackson, Courtney B. Vance, Jennifer Lewis, Will Ferrell, and Mark Walhberg to name a few. I was also hired to co-host an entertainment program (Your Hollywood Local) which aired on the CW. I think what's great about all of this is that if you would have asked me 10 years ago if I would be doing the things that I'm doing now, I would not have believed it.”

“While putting together my docu-series, I had to write, produce, direct and even create the voiceover for the trailer. Not to mention mastering some pretty good social media skills to promote the docu-series. All of these skills that I've developed over the years came from different parts of the entertainment industry where I had no choice but to learn everything on my own. I was the unfortunate one who never seemed to have a mentor.”

“That was the whole reason behind my independent production company. It was to create content that will resonate with people all over the world because I know what it’s like to feel like things are not going well for you personally or professionally— or having to be 10 times better just to get a shot or rejected over and over again. So I just wanted to create a platform for others to be inspired by successful individuals who share parts of their journey. My plan is to create the buzz independently and sell it off to a network.”


"A lot of people don't know this, but in college I was placed in remedial math, reading and writing classes. I scored a 600 on the SAT due to just being overwhelmed at taking standardized tests and marking anything just to get out of there. So my first year in school, I was in the ‘special classes’, learning the basics of what I did not learn at my high school in Atlanta.”

“For the most part, I can say my reading skills were good, however, I did need math and writing classes. So at this time, the pressure was on me to pass another test to be able to start my core classes and if you failed three times you could not attend another school for a year. I wanted to pass these classes so I could move on with my other core classes and eventually graduate. I passed reading on the first try, but failed my math and writing class. The next time I took these two tests I passed with flying colors and I can honestly say that this moment is what changed my entire life. From then on, I knew I could do anything and the goals I would set for myself would get bigger and bigger.”

“I finally graduated from Middle Georgia College with an AA in Journalism & then I went on to Columbus State University to graduate with my Bachelors in Communications. Receiving my first degree was the most important thing to me because it taught me that hard work and determination can move mountains. As my confidence grew, I started to do even bigger things and my mindset about life was completely different. I don't regret anything about this time in my life because it made me who I am today.”

“To be honest, I come from a background in radio broadcasting and went to school as a Communications major. My plan for my life was to be this BIG time radio personality that everyone would respect and love. But, booooyy that just did NOT happen for me.”

“I was working as a radio personality in Columbus, GA. for a radio station for 5 years until I decided that I wanted more and to try my chances in Los Angeles— and so that's when I packed my clothes and television and drove 3,000 miles away to L.A.

I worked at CBS radio in Los Angeles as a producer for 6 years and I also worked at a station in Palmdale on weekends as an on air personality for two years. I think my 'aha' moment was the year that I was laid off from CBS radio and nothing was working in my favor.”

“ I was working my ass off, but no doors were opening for me. I was frustrated and mad seeing others advance but I was still stuck in the same spot. So after just continuous praying, CBS was sold to Entercom broadcasting and they laid off just about everyone, including me. I'll never forget the Program Director telling me that my position was being eliminated but I had an option to work in an entry level position.”

“Of course, I bounced, but I knew God had something BETTER for me. I just wasn't exactly sure what that was yet. So at this point, I was still working at the radio station, in Palmdale, as an on air personality, and my work load at EURweb picked up a lot. So I started to do more red carpet and junket interviews. But even then, I still knew there was something BIGGER for me. I knew that this was not it for me.”

“So different ideas would just come to me, like they were falling out of the sky. I would write them down and then boom. One day it hit me to create concepts for television. When I look back on my life, I've always been a creator and TV producer, but I just did not know it at the time. When I was in my third or fourth year working at CBS, I created a webisode titled ‘Oh Yeah We Talk’, which later turned into a podcast. That same type of show now is called ‘EveryDay Struggle’. My show was EXACTLY like this concept and I was furious because I knew that I had the right idea, but did not know who to go to get this project done on a larger scale. Then came ‘The State of The Culture’ and by this time I made up my mind to start my production company and create content because I knew that I could do it. Two months later I started to film the episodes of ‘Become inspired’."

Get Inspired

“Definitely take advantage of every opportunity that you come across in your life, but not only that, learn how to capitalize on that opportunity for an even greater return. Work diligently on your craft and LEARN how to do EVERYTHING, but also strategize your next moves instead of just doing something to do it. Don't be afraid of not knowing how to do something to get started. Use Google and other resources that are available to you and make it happen. Lastly, listen to your gut. If something is telling you to move on from your career to start another one, plan an exit strategy and DO IT.”

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