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How this Fashion Designer Made His First 10k in Sales in Just Four Weeks

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

“Biggest obstacle I had to face was doing everything dolo to the finances to investing in my self and in the brand."

Apparel Designer, Founder of RICCHEZZA, and Chicago native, Ropa, is putting his brand and his city on the map. With his visionary designs and his undeniable ‘go-getter’ mentality. However, Ropa’s level of success with Ricchezza didn’t come easy, especially considering the fact that he managed to jumpstart his brand with little to no help.

Name a few achievements you’ve had with your brand?

“Making my first 10k off clothes. Only 'cause before I released my site I put that in my head. So when I released the site I got the feedback I was looking for and I hit 10k in sales after like the 4th week. Then I was like 'ok koo’, people really value the brand like I do and they understand what’s going on. That was all I needed to go ahead and keep my foot on the gas. And it’s been up ever since.”

“Also, Thug wearing Ricchezza. You know Thug is the goat...So the first day I pulled up to the studio, I just dropped something off for him and Gunna. The very next morning they both was drippin’ in it. Like DRIPPIN'...You know constantly posting on their platforms. Really showing love. That’s hard, ‘cause it’s like I listen to their music it’s them who be playing while I design... so yeah. That was major.”

Dej Loaf

“The biggest obstacle I had to face was doing everything dolo. To the finances to investing in my self and in the brand. You see, Ricchezza is a lifestyle brand. So with that being said I just turned my grind up a little more and started making shit happen so everything would make sense---and thank God its working.”

What’s next for you? “You’ll see😎“

“My advice to anybody would be to understand what you want to do and know what you are trying to accomplish first. Then study it. Know what’s going on and what you think it’s going to take to get there. Then just stay consistent no matter what. As long as you got a good product it will get seen if you stay consistent."

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